Jackie Weiss started racing with Rotax Junior 125cc at the XPlex Racetrack Las Vegas and with the R/T 2000 Formula Car in the Skip Barber Race Series and in the Formula BMW
 Jackie Weiss official kartracing website 2005-2006
FBMW Germany - 3rd Round
This weekend was the 3rd Formula BMW race weekend. Once again, I watched it live from home. It is something different to watch the races you are actually supposed to be racing.
June 25th, 2007
I am learning to deal with the fact that my racing career has taken a one-year-brake. I am neither racing karts nor cars. Of course I have done some testing, also drove some kart races. Not to forget The Mallorca Cup, where I finished 5th under the Rookies. But I was meant to drive Formula BMW Germany in 2007. Which did not happen because of a Sponsor dropping out. At first I had a big problem dealing with not sitting in an FB02 cockpit for 2007.
Now I see it as a challenge. I have time until 2008 to find a decend Sponsor, who will support me for a longer time in my racing career. I have enough time to get my body with fitness training into great quality. I am testing different cars on different race tracks, that is always a plus. And one more positive thing: I get to see how my "next-year-competitors" are acting on and off the track.
I am taking this "one-year-brake" as a golden opportunity. I am a volunteer at the german Speed-Magazin.de as a writer and photographer. Speed-Magazin.de is a big online motorsport magazine in germany. I am also attending many events, not only to meet new people, but also to get the name JACKIE WEISS out to the world. Beginning of June 2007 I started with my personal training at the Sports Clinic Bad Nauheim. It is the number one place for race car drivers. All the F1 BMW drivers attend there, also the drivers from Willi Weber and many other great race car drivers. Lately I was there doing my training program and Nico Huelkenberg was just beside me, doing his sports program. I said "Hi, you did a great race at the weekend!" - and he said "thanks" and smiled....
I am keeping my head up and stable ;)
I can barely wait for 2008, when I get to show the guys from Formula BMW how a lady drives... Jackie Weiss
Racing Jackie Weiss
GERMAN TV films Jackie
in FR1600, Oschersleben/Germany

My second time turning a "couple of laps" at Oschersleben. This time I'm leaving the racetrack with a bigger smile! I had to show RTL (big european TV Channel) what I got. I drove the FR1600 from the Motopark Academy.
May 31, 2007
The day started out already in stress. We couldn't find a seat for "small-Jackie"!! Right before we were about to give up and call it a day, we found a descend seat. Then I got the car the first time explained to me and ready to go! The TV crew came to the racetrack at 8am; we had a timeframe until 12pm, since the video was going to be broadcastet on TV the same day at 6pm. RTL mounted 2 cameras on my car. One had a cockpit view, the other was down by the right front tire. They followed me with a Safety Car around the 3,667km long track in a Volkswagen GTI and filmed me from the front and the rear. Top finish of the day, the reporter Kim Höhne got to drive in a Ford Fiesta ST Cup with Instructor and ex driver Patrick Bernhardt from the Motopark Academy. Her face expression is priceless. To see it for yourself click on my link.
To sit in a formula car again, since a month break, was an amazing feeling to have back! Now I am really excited for the 5-day test in Southern Korea with the 2.0 Liter Renault from Team E-Rain.
The german TV Channel RTL made a video with Jackie Weiss Play Video
Jackie Weiss
RADIO ENERGY interviews Jackie

The german radio broadcaster RADIO ENERGY made an interview with Jackie about the topic "females in motorsport". You can listen to the audio stream (.mp3). The interview was taken in her mother language german.
May 16, 2007
Radio Energy Interview May 16,2007 with Jackie Weiss Radio Energy Germany
Jackie Weiss racing
Issue August 2006

The largest print magazine in the karting business, the NKN National Kart News covered the Progression of Jackie Weiss in their August Issue on one entire page.
August 2006
NKN National Kart News August 2006 Issue NKN National Kart News
Jackie Weiss Racing
R/T 2000 Skip Barber
Advanced 2day Race Activities Road America
July 3-4, 2006
I made the 2day racing school which bridges the gap from the 3day racing school to the race weekends.
I qualified to practice and race with the winged R/T 2000 (sequential 5-speed gearbox and BF Goodrich tires).

Photo Galleries from the Skip Barber 2 day advanced racing activities at Road America Photos from the 2 days at Road America
Skip Barber News
3-day Racing School, Speedway Las Vegas
June 2-4, 2006
Incredible what I learned during these short and very hot 3 days!
To drive a Formula Dodge was harder than I thought. Many new friends and a lot of new knowledge was the result of this weekend.

Photo Galleries from the Skip Barber Formula Dodge Racing School - 3 days at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Photos of the 3-day Racing School
Kart News
Willow Springs
KART CLUB, California
May 28, 2006
This race didn't have that many Rotax Junior Drivers. The heavy winds from yesterday with the Gatorz Cup on the track died down, so our times have been better: I got into the 44seconds and finished 2nd.
Results of the Kart Race at Willow Springs Kart Club Results WSKC Round 5     Photos of the Kart Race at Willow Springs Kart Club Photos WSKC Round 5
Kart News
GATORZ CUP Round four
Willow Springs, CA
May 27, 2006
An exciting race with 15 Rotax Junior Drivers on the grid! We were all very close in times; me and Michael Leib had a great battle.
...Mrs Hawaii Tropic International raced in the TAG class!

Look up the results of the Round four for the Gatorz Cup in Willow Springs Results Gatorz Cup 4       Look up the results of the Round four for the Gatorz Cup in Willow Springs Photos GATORZ Round4
Kart News
ChampCar RotaxKart Challenge #4
 May 21,2006
It was a cool b-a-c-k-w-a-r-d-s Race at the XPlex - we had a lot of fun! I made in quali, pre-finals and finals 2nd and this time my sis Daisy was very close to me, getting 3rd in all races.
Results from the Champ Car Rotax Kart Challenge 5 at the XPlex Racetrack, Las Vegas, May 21,2006 Results!
Kart News
LVKC Las Vegas Kart Club
The first Night Race 2006 at the Speedway

 May 13,2006
I snatched the lead in the Main Race after 4 laps - crucially ahead of Carmyn Schottmuller and Casey Neuman - and led the whole race with a comfortable 20-second cushion until the flag.
It was a good race at the Speedway last night:
My sister Daisy tooked the pole position for the Heat with a best time of 43.520sec meantime I had a power problem and ended up in second to last. In the first lap of the Heat Race I lost my chain, but managed to finished 4th.
LVKC official Website, Las 

Vegas Speedway LVKC Las Vegas
Kart News
GATORZ CUP Round three
Grange Motor Circuit, CA

 Apr 29,2006
I started 5th and was up to 3rd when Jeff Pesner ran over me: my exhaust popped out and I had to stop and kick it back in....
I lost 1:40min with this incident, but I finished the race with an exciting 5th place!

GATORZ Photos and Results from the April Race Results GRANGE April 29, 2006
Photos People, Pits, Practice, Qualifying, Races at the 
Grange Motor Circuit, California Peeple, PTK, Race Photos!
Kart News
LAKC CalSpeed Fontana
Champ Car Rotax Challenge

 Apr 23,2006
I finished 4th place in heat and main race in my new TonyKart Chassis at the LosAngeles KartClub in Fontana. I know I need more practice with the new chassis, because it's way different to handle, especially the brakes....
We met a lot of nice people in Californa and I'm looking already forward to Grange on the next weekend!

LAKC Photos and Results from the April Race Results LAKC April 23, 2006
Photos People, Pits, Practice, Qualifying, Races at the LAKC CalSpeed Fontana, California Pics, Pics, Pics!
Kart News
Crash in the Heat for the
Champ Car Rotax Challenge at the XPlex

 Apr 9,2006
4 Races in this season so far at the XPlex, and the second red flagged race! I had a great start in my heat race, went from 3rd to 1st by the first turn. Too bad it only lasted a couple of laps: I got passed by Austin Isaac for 1st. When I went on to get my position back, I nailed a dirt pile and flew out of my kart.
Luckily I was ok. I wish I could say the same for my kart and my helmet....

Jackie crashed in the heat - red flag for the race Results Champ Car Rotax Kart #3
Photos Qualifying, Races 

at the XPlex Las Vegas Pics Qualifying, Races
People, Power, Pits at the XPlex Las Vegas People, Power, Pits at the XPlex
 Jackie Weiss: Top Finishes 2005

Endurance Karting Sprint Races - Oct 25,2005
5 sprint races with Johan Schwartz at XPlex Racetrack, Las Vegas.
Look up the Results
6hr Endurance Richard Hearn - July 9,2005
I tooked the checkered flag after 347 laps for our Team.
Photo Gallery
XPlex Championship #8 - Nov 20,2005
I finished 1st in Qualifying; 1st in Heat Race and 2nd in Main Race.
Photo Gallery from the Final XPlex Championship
Vegas 300 6hr Endurance - Oct 24,2005
Our Team "The Banana"  finished 2nd with a gap of 0,0022 sec!
Look at Photos in Jackies Blog here
Rotax Max Challenge - 2005 Season
3rd place points winner 2005 Rotax Junior Class, Southern Nevada.
More Infos
6hr Endurance Richard Hearn - Dec 3,2005
Las Vegas Speedway: We finished 3rd in the coldest race of 2005!
Look at the Pictures here
XPlex Championship #6 - Aug 13,2005
This was a hot race - I finished 3rd at the XPlex Racetrack
Huge Photo Gallery from the XPlex Championship #6
XPlex Championship #4 - June 4,2005
My first night race - and my first podium finish!
Photo Gallery

EXPOSE of Jackie Weiss
 Kart Videos
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kartracing: watch my laps at the XPlex Racetrack Las Vegas kartracing: watch my laps at
the XPlex Racetrack Las Vegas  6hr Enduro Johan Schwartz (8mb)
kartracing: Risky Karting  Risky Karting - 8.3mb
kart crash: Flip Over Kart Flip over Kart - 767kb
January 2006
Feb-Mar 2006
6hr-Enduro Speedway
XPlex Champ #8
RMax Challenge Jr
BBQ RMax Challenge
24 Hours Endurance Karting! The Ultimate American Challenge at West Palm Florida, January 11-13,2008
The Ultimate Challenge!
24 Hours of America
January 11-13, 2008 in
West Palm, FL
Find the Rules & Regulations, Entry Fees, Race Classes, Track Map, Schedule etc. here!
Kart Racing Live on TV
Kart Racing Live on TV
Article about Jackie Weiss in the Press Room of the official website of the Champ Car Rotax Kart Series
ChampCar Rotax Kart Series
will be my first formula car race season. I am very enthusiastic and highly motivated for the upcoming months. When I started kartracing 3 years ago I made a lot of new friends and met many professional racers who helped me with their experience to improve my performance. At this point I want to thank all of you who gave me inspirations and also many thanks to my supporters like Alpinestars
who is my first sponsor and helped me with all of my racing clothes. And by the way: it's fabulous to wear!!
Of course also many thanks to my parents and especially my sisters who sometimes have a 'hard time' with me and my schedules!
If you want to be informed what's going on in the formula car world, step by on my new website at
or have a look in the german online motorsport magazine http://www.speed-magazin.de
See you there!
Jackie Weiss
Info: female race car driver and former kartracer jackie weiss with rotax 125cc junior at the xplex motorsports racetrack in las vegas, nevada. my laps with rotax max 125cc junior. kartracing with 125cc moto-shifter, rm1 125cc superkart at the xplex race track. xplex championship race schedules and race results, along with the driver points for the kartracer of the xplex championship and the rmax challenge world finale at the website www.jackieskart.com. find under the 'all about racing-links' websites from the race track in kerpen, germany, the xplex racetrack motorsports in las vegas, nevada and the las vegas motor speedway, along with the links to racekart clubs in the whole wide world. my first race school was the endurance karting from johan schwartz. You should take this race school to improve your performance in kart racing. johan schwartz offers the latest racing karts and equipment, also the fr125 motors in his karts. according to the mychron3 gold from jackie weiss: my best lap time was 0:47.8 on the xplex racetrack. I improved a lot since my first laps at this race track, because I am driving nearly every day at the xplex. my second race school was the 3day skip barber school at the las vegas speedway in a formula dodge. It was a whole new experience for me driving a stick and I learned a lot at the skip barber racing school. I am looking forward to make the 2day advanced skip barber racing school at the road america. and the next step is the formula bmw in valencia, spain. my sister jeannette has her own website now with the picture gallery from her paintings; she made some awesome kart paintings with the rotax 125cc junior. you can see her kart art at www.jeannetteart.com